Mothers' Stories

I love stories. Starting in 2022, I have been interviewing immigrant mothers about their experience of motherhood, their hopes and life visions and writing pieces based on them. Living and parenting in a different country and in another language is extremely challenging, but there are also so many happy moments. I love listening to their empowering stories and I know that they will encourage so many others.

from Kazuko Bradley's story

"I love people. When you connect with others, you get to enjoy something together and deepen relationships. That gives me an important meaning of life. It deepens your life and brings joy. Connecting with others and enjoying each other. That’s an important essence of life."

from Marika Sorimachi's story

"It’s wonderful to have hope. If there is something you wish to come true, then it’s okay to make it come true. There is no need to put yourself aside, or feel envy towards others. Your hopes and dreams are yours. And only you can achieve them."