Thank you all for attending Dianthus Ensemble Virtual Concert on May 23, 2021 at 7:30pm EST 

in celebration for AAPI heritage month, featuring composers of Asian descents.

Please join us in this donation-based virtual concert along with other musicians celebrating Asian cultures. 

Featured: Asian American Arts Alliance Virtual Gallery

Please enjoy the "unfinished" works by 23 artists-in-residence at Asian American Arts Alliance Virtual Residency from December 2020 to March 2021.

New Project: "Crossing the Seas"

Midori is working on her first album, Crossing the Seas, inspired by the stories of migration by her late grandmother and her own. 

Her late grandmother left her hometown in Okinawa, a far island in Japan with its own distinct culture, as a young woman. She moved to Tokyo, found work, and raised her family. During her lifetime, she hardly spoke about her Okinawa years, which was not uncommon among people from Okinawa. Midori finds a parallel between the two life journeys, which she is featuring in her music. Through this project she is contemplating her cultural and musical identity as an immigrant woman in New York City. Midori is exploring the medium of music as a means for narrating family history. The music will feature Japanese and Western musical instruments and elements.

Please follow Midori as she posts musical ideas for this project on Instagram @midorilarsen


Thank you for joining us online for Kyomei 2021 

 Together with other taiko players and groups in NYC, I participated in a virtual concert "Kyomei 2021" celebrating Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month and standing strong against hate crimes against AAPI. Here is the link to the concert!


My unique background

Through my music and my personal story as someone who made her career change to become an artist after having a child, I seek to encourage others to realize their life purpose and take actions toward achievement regardless of circumstances. My music, written for a small ensemble featuring tonalities and instrumental characteristics of Japanese and Western traditions including taiko drums and piano--my instruments by training--paves the way for new styles of contemporary music. Inspired by the dichotomy between my innate and later-formed self-images as a Japanese immigrant artist, my music aims to encourage the listeners to celebrate their unique backgrounds.

New Project: Her First Album "Crossing the Seas"