New Project: Her First Album "Crossing the Seas"


New Project: "Crossing the Seas"

Midori will be making her first album in 2021. "Crossing the Seas" is a multi-movement suite for Japanese bamboo flute, taiko drums, clarinet, and piano. With an emphasis on self-discovery and life-purpose, the music highlights the journeys of the composer and her grandmother, leaving their hometowns as young women and starting new lives in distant metropolises. 

Her late grandmother left her hometown in Okinawa, a far island in Japan with its own distinct culture, which has been historically marginalized by mainland Japan. After loosing her parents at a young age, she moved to Tokyo, found work, and raised her family. During her lifetime, she hardly spoke about her Okinawa years and remained silent about her upbringing, which was not uncommon among people from Okinawa. Her journey echoed Midori's own experience of redefining her identity as an immigrant woman in New York City.

News: Midori's "Crossing the Seas" ideas on Instagram

She has been posting her exploratory ideas that relate to this project. She posts short motifs and post 15 second Instagram Reels.  Please follow her during the creative process!

What she does as an artist

Midori is a composer, pianist, and Japanese taiko drum player. She treats musical composition as a medium to explore and express her cultural identity as an immigrant woman living in the United States. Connecting with her roots in Japan,  her music consists of Japanese melodies accompanied by Western harmony and vice versa, optimizing the unique characteristics of Japanese and Western musical instruments. 


Thank you for joining us online on August 15, 2020! 

Thank you for joining us on our online concert!! We were so thankful that many of you tuned in on August 15, 2020 and listened to our original music. Kanako and I are so grateful for those who donated to support the musicians. We will plan to do another joint concert in the near future! We also made the behind-the-scenes video about the concert. Please check it out here!